Business Advisory

We provide valuable guidance and support to entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses. Our team of experienced professionals can help develop business strategies and plans, create marketing campaigns, identify new opportunities, reduce risk, and provide financial and operational advice.

With Affluentico's Business Advisory services, you can be confident that you'll get the guidance and support you need for success.


Affluentico offers comprehensive marketing services to help businesses reach their goals. Our services range from creating and executing a targeted marketing strategy to implementing tailor-made digital campaigns for maximum reach and results. We understand that each customer is unique and requires specialized, individualized attention and solutions.

At Affluentico, we take pride in providing the best marketing services to our customers

Team Building

At AFLLUENTICO, we understand that great teams form the backbone of any business. Our team building services help foster a sense of collaboration and unity within your workforce, while also allowing you to identify and nurture the strengths of each team member. We offer a variety of activities designed to encourage team members to work together to solve problems. Whether it’s a group outdoor activity, an escape room challenge, or an overnight trip, our team building activities are designed to promote creativity, strengthen communication, and foster trust.

We believe that when teams work together to reach a common goal,

Cost and sales optimization

Cost and sales optimization is a critical tool for businesses of any size. With the help of Affluentico, your business can benefit from cutting edge solutions to improve both cost and sales optimization. Our team of experts have vast experience in this field and can provide a customized solution to fit your needs. We believe in providing a comprehensive analysis of the cost and sales structure of your business to identify the best opportunities for cost savings and increased sales. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your cost and sales optimisation goals.