The startup

The Startup Course

Our startup course provides you with all the necessary information to get your business off the ground. From learning about the different types of businesses to setting up a budget and marketing strategies, the course covers all the essential aspects of starting a business.

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"Dream, Believe, and Achieve".


  • Brainstorming and coming up with an idea
  • Defining the strategy and core values
  • Researching the competition and developing a unique selling point


  • Hiring the right team
  • Designing the product or service
  • Developing the product or service
  • Testing and launching the product or service
  • Promoting the product or service


  • Setting up the financial framework and budgeting
  • Creating a timeline and milestones
  • Crafting a mission statement
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Working out logistics and getting the necessary permits


  • Analyzing customer feedback
  • Obtaining feedback from stakeholders
  • Examining the financials
  • Re-evaluating the mission statement
  • Making changes and improvements

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